A Flat for University Students

I knew that I needed to have new housing for next year when I went to university. I had been staying with a friend, but she accepted an overseas position with her job. I could not afford her flat on my own, so I went online to see if I could find any Edinburgh University flats that were comparable to what I was paying my friend to stay with her. I came across a website that features several flats for university students, and I was well pleased with everything that I saw offered with the flats.

I liked that I was actually able to see pictures of not only the room that I would use if I took one of the flats, but the common areas that I would share with three other flat mates too. I wanted to be close to George Square, and I was able to find a flat that was only 650 m away. The best thing is that I was able to look at all four rooms to decide which one I wanted since they were all vacant. While all four of the private areas seemed nice, I was mostly keen on room three because it had a magnificent view of the gardens as well a historic church.

The common areas were also very nice, and I knew that I would be very happy with living there. Even if I did not care for my flat mates, it really did not matter since we would all have our private rooms. I honestly did not think we would have a lot of spare time at the flat anyway since these are for graduate students like myself. Filling out the application online was very easy, and I am just beyond happy that I was able to get a flat that is this nice at such an affordable price!