A Shocking Shift in Production

The week has been pretty busy for the secretary that has hired through one of the corporate secretarial services in Singapore. I run a company that normally makes clothing, but since the virus outbreak that happened this year, I shifted our production to masks for health care workers. The secretary has been instrumental in facilitating the shipment of these masks to locations. It was pretty easy to convert from making clothes to masks. All we had to do was design a pattern for the masks and then have the workers adjust the machines to sew based on the pattern.

The masks are smaller than the clothes that we normally make, so we can make a lot of them in a shorter amount of time. Once the masks have been sewn together, they are then given a final sanitation to eliminate any contaminants and then packaged and marked for shipping. Since the masks are supposed to be used in an environment where the wearers will want to be exposed to as little germs as possible, we take every possible precaution to make sure that the masks are clean when they leave the factory.

The orders for the masks keep coming in at record numbers. We’ve sent out more masks than we have clothes in the past year. After this virus problem stops, I think that there could be a viable future for our company if we continue to make masks. Our old products won’t be abandoned, but we could easily make masks in addition to them, and it would be a good source of income for the company. The demand for masks will always exist, even when there isn’t a pandemic happening. The local companies would really like to have a supplier for masks that they can easily get in touch with, rather than relying on overseas options.