Get a Balanced View About Trump

Trump news that is worth reading is hard to come by these days. Since the mainstream media companies are controlled by big corporate interests, the fact that they are against Trump hardly comes as a surprise. Trump’s ideas about nationalism and his deep suspicion of free trade deals are like an alarm for the big companies who don’t care about borders and want to farm out good paying jobs to serfs in foreign countries who make barely anything. They’re so transparent about their opinions on Trump that I’m surprised so many people fall for the nonsense.

My father is one of the people who railed against Trump quite strongly from the point when it became apparent that he was going to get the Republican nomination. His anger, fear, and paranoia increased exponentially when Trump actually pulled off the election and became president. It got very difficult for me to talk to him because most days he sounded like a patient off their medications. I finally sat down with him for a chat about Trump and tried to convince him that almost everything said about the man is a lie made by people who are afraid they won’t be able to make lots of money.

I used a news feed I found online that deals exclusively with news stories about Donald Trump. We looked at some mainstream news stories about the president and then I used the news feed to find truthful stories that basically debunked the nonsense in the other articles. I had to do this many times, but my father finally saw the light and realized how much the corporations are manipulating him. He’s still not a big fan of the president, but he’s getting better at recognizing the hit pieces and I know he’s used the news feed on his own a few times. Progress is being made!