Make Money Selling Your Hair

Halloween is coming up which is the best time of years for individuals like myself who are in the industry of selling their hair. My hair has always grown absurdly fast. As a kid, it didn’t mean much to me beyond having to get my hair cut more frequently than my brothers. Now as an adult it’s an extra source of income. That’s right; I sell my hair. I’m a hair farmer, you might say. Whether it’s for curly hair extensions or straight up wigs, I sell my hair on the market for a good price.

I found this industry quite by happenstance. I was having my hair trimmed up when my hair stylist asked if I had ever considered selling my hair. At the time I was simply donating a few inches every couple of years but selling my hair? I never even thought that people would actually buy my hair. I started to do some digging. Why not? Extra money is always a good thing and it’s not like my hair doesn’t grow back promptly; the notion of making money off something without any real work or investment was an appealing one. What I found left me reeling.

There was an entire E-Bay like website setup for this. People would describe their hair under the Andre Walker Hair Typing System (sometimes the L.O.I.S system for African American hair types). I didn’t even realize that there were hair typing systems! It was one of those novel moments where you discover something entirelynew. A culture which had sprung around wigs, wig making and the individuals who supply the hair. A community of individuals whose lives revolved aroundhair. I could only shake my head at the thought and sell them my hair, of course! It’s easy money and if it’s something you’re interested in, start Googling now.