Need to Get Rid of Some Nuisance Geese

We have tried all sorts of things to get rid of these wild geese, but so far not much has worked. I am the grounds man at a rather large facility where they have several hundred office workers at any one time. My job is to keep the people who are not supposed to be there off of the grounds and apparently that includes annoying birds. I guess that I need to find some professional who can do Canada geese control in NJ. So far I have been trying to run them off in a number of different ways. I got some firecrackers from my brother in law and I lit a few of them and chucked them at the geese. That did not really have as much effect as I would have thought. They flew off, but they only went to the other side of the parking lot. In about fifteen minutes they were right back where they had been. My boss thought we could use a scarecrow, but the problem is that these birds have not really come to fear people that much. Obviously they should be worried that they are going to end up getting shot, plucked and cooked, but it seems like they understand that it is not legal to fire a gun in the city limits. It is like they do not respect the fact that we are higher up on the food chain than they are. In truth I would have no idea how to go about eating one of them if I did shoot it. I did think that I was going to have to draw my sidearm on one of them last week. I did not know the difference between this one and the others, but from what I was told, this was a gander or a male. They apparently are territorial.