The Importance of Improving Technology

What Advances in Technology Would You Like To See In the next 10 years ...Though the world is not shrinking in physical size, it does seem that way. With advances in technology, it is easier than ever to communicate with others across the globe. Whether through social media or something as simple as email, we are all connected as never before.

That said, there are certain parts of the world that do not have access to the best technological resources. In countries such as Peru, some areas may not even have Internet access. This can seriously hamper that area’s ability to grow and thrive.

The global economy is dependent on new technology, and if an area does not have access to this technology, it is possible that it will get left behind. This can do serious damage to a country like Peru that needs the expertise of its neighboring countries to succeed.

There are groups that are dedicated to helping countries such as Peru into the digital age. I am certain that this is a difficult endeavor, as it requires a complete change in ways of living. In less developed countries, the people may be prone to resist this change, but it is important to have access to this technology so these people can communicate with the outside world.

When opening up an area to the digital age, this area can enjoy the benefits of better education, thus giving it a greater chance to avoid the cycle of poverty. Also, in a country of political upheaval, communication is absolutely essential to give the people of a nation the chance to form a stronger government and to lead the way to a better future.

It is through efforts of non-profit organizations and other groups that bring these advancements in technology to countries such as Peru, setting in motion a better way of life for that country’s future and for the planet as a whole.